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in interviews saying i need you to be more specific. is 96 extreme? would you consider 96 extreme? >> it's pretty -- yeah. not extreme, it's right on the edge. >> yeah, yesterday 104. we'll be ten degrees cooler than that today, but when you start with 104 as a comparison, you need to be a whole lot cooler, not just a little bit, to make any appreciable difference. 86 right now in washington. 82 in waldorf and frederick, even along i-270 corridor, mid-80s once you get down into the bethesda chevy chase area. there's a look at doppler. just ground cover in prince georges county. but the vast majority of us will be completely rain free for
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today and for your weekend. today's high temperature, though, up in to the mid-90s once again. if you're loading the car, packing up the kids, getting ready to go down to the ocean, another good week to be outside of the beltway down at the beaches today, temperatures near 90. mid eight tomorrow. so that's the place to go. ocean water temperature 74 degrees. >> sounds good. thank you, chuck. the 100 plus degree temperatures are not only uncomfortable, conditions are dangerous. a woman seven months pregnant took her complaints to the rental office. >> i was there from about 2:00 p.m. until about 6:00 when the last person walked out of the door to actually lock the doors for the weekend. i stayed there as long as i possibly could. i wrote ultima i brought a bottle of water with me. they had nice and cold ac, so i figure nothing's been done for our apartment, i might as well get some air conditioning because with me expecting, i
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can't be in an apartment that hot. >> and she still doesn't know when her electricity i will be back on. darcy spencer shows us how other people are trying to adjust to the heat. >> reporter: humberto is sitting in his air conditioned suv with his two children because it's too hot inside their unit here at the franklin park apartments in greenbelt. the air conditioning stopped working. >> we're just keeping drinking water and trying to stay out, you know, and waiting for the air conditioning. >> reporter: there are signs posted on several doors saying a pepco power surge took down a chiller powering air to some of the buildings. residents say they've been suffering for hours in the heat heat. >> when did your air go out? >> around six hours. >> reporter: at the amphitheater in arlington, dozens turned out for an outdoor concert. organizers gave out fans and
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cookies, an incentive to brave the heat. >> the cookies really helps and the fans. and so -- and people who know about it are used to coming down in the heat. >> reporter: for some sweating it out was a necessity, it was their job. >> paint the side of the building at 120 degrees. terrible. been out here since 8:30, don't get to leave until 6:30. monday through friday. >> reporter: monica smith drove to work instead of using metro. >> metro car is a little too stifling? >> yes, and sometimes the ac does not work. too many people standing up. >> reporter: and these dogs had to go out for their evening walk, but they made it a quick one. >> they don't like it, that's for sure. they're moving a little slower than normal. >> reporter: according to the signs posted here at the apartment complex, management is working on getting the parts to fix the system. but there's no word on when the air conditioning will come back
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on. darcy spencer, "news 4 today." a little more than three days until the american debt ceiling is reached. and democrats and republicans are still seemingly nowhere close to a deal. a vote is scheduled for 1:00 a.m. as both chambers debate on what kind of deal will be passed. last night the house passed a proposal by speaker john boehner only to have the senate table that bill which essentially kills it completely. senate majority leader harry reid created his own plan and the house is scheduled to vote on that tomorrow morning. coming up, we'll hear both sides as they continue to try to hammer out a deal. meanwhile, lawmakers are pressuring airlines to return fares to rates sold before the faa shut down. no debt limit deal made most of the federal aviation administration inoperable so it could not charge federal taxes on new plane tickets.
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many airlines raised fares to make up the difference. lawmakers say congress has no plan to try to recoup that money, therefore, airlines should not hike up fares. as students prepare for the fall semester, federal agents are investigating how a local college enrolls foreign students. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement raided offices at the university of northern virginia. school officials say agents took computers, equipment and documents. investigators are looking in to possible problems with the student exchange visitors program. classes at unva are still in session, but the investigation has foreign students and their families worried. >> there are a lot of parents calling us because they're sending the kids here for their dreams. it's a wonderful country and they want the jobs. >> according to i.c.e., the university of northern virginia cannot accept any foreign students during the federal probe. there is no word how long the investigation will last. as the nation prepares to mark ten years since 9/11,
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former president george w. bush is recalling his initial reaction on that day in an interview a documentary on national geographic channel, the president says his stoic appearance to news of the second plane hitting the world trade center was a conscious decision. bush was visiting an elementary school in florida when andrew carr told him a second plane hit the world trade center and america was under attack. bush says, quote, my first reaction was anger. who the hell would do that to america? i didn't want to rattle the kids. i want to project a sense of calm. president bush said he could see news media in the back of the classroom getting the news on eir cell phones and realized his reaction would be seen by the entire world. for the first time in more than 100 years, the transport of wounded warriors returning to the u.s. has changed in bethesda. this comes with the consolidation of services at the national naval medical center. jackie bensen has the new procedures. >> reporter: they worked tirelessly in the 100 plus
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degree heat, faces filled with reassurance. they guided the heavy gurneys down a steep ramp like they were honored to do so, which they were. >> we immobilized everyone here, so we had marines, army. >> reporter: they were wounded in iraq and flown to a u.s. air base in germany. for the first time, they were not divided by injury between bethesda naval and walter reed army medical center which will soon close. this is now where america treats her wounded warriors, where their families gather, filled with emotion, willing life and strength into their loved ones. >> took 45 days or so for casualties to get to the united states in vietnam. and now the average length of time for a casualty to come here is three to five days. so the family knows from the beginning their service member is injured and as you saw today, they will arrive here sometimes before the patient does. >> reporter: also in the ambulance, military doctors and nurses. >> those same doctors who picked
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them up, picked up the patients and provided care all the way until they get to the icu here where they're formally handed off to the doctors here. >> reporter: the scene will be repeated many times as the process of closing walter reed continues. in bethesda, jackie bensen, news 4. still ahead this hour, the chilling outburst from the soldier accused of plotting an attack at ft. hood. and pet perks. what one local shelter is offering you on to adopt these
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fairfax county police are looking for a family who broke into a family's home, beat them up and kidnapped them. thursday night a masked man broke into an apartment, assaulted a woman and tied up one of her children. they also forced every into the
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family car, took them to an atm and got money from their bank account. a little while later, he finally let them go around innovation avenue. a cyclist came to their he rescue. >> they were completely disturbed. i think they didn't even know where they were because they were just dumped in the dark somewhere. >> police don't know if this was simply a random attack or if the suspect chose this family specifically. they say the woman accidentally left the front door unlocked after taking out the trash. the awol soldier accused of plotting a ft. hood style attack makes a chilling statement. naser abdo screamed nidal hasan ft. hood 2009. hasan is charged with killing 13 at the texas base. abdo was arrested earlier this week. police found six pounds of gun pow kerr as well as an automatic weapon and ammunition.
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his next court date is august 4th. prosecutors want casey anthony to pay back taxpayer moneys for the investigation and trial. she was acquitted of killing the toddler, but did find her guilty of lying to investigatoinvestig. she's been released from jail since that conviction. a judge will decide how much casey anthony will have to pay back, about if anything, at a hearing set for august 25th. a d.c. man faces up to 40 years in prison after admitting he murdered his teenage daughter. ronald mcintyre pleaded guilty to killing his daughter last november. police say he stabbed franklin 15 times and tossed her body into a trash can. he tried to cover up her murder by using her cell poen to send text messages. he'll be sentenced in october. nd at burglar who got caught because of his cell phone will spend close to three decades behind bars.
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cody wilkins broke into seven homes in montgomery county. he gout caught because he was charging his cell phone at one of those homes and left it behind. he said he broke it the homes to help feed his drug habit. right now, the washington animal rescue league is offering free adoptions for pit bulls. it's an effort to reform opinions about the breed that's often gotten a bad rap. many end up euthanized in high numbers. >> unfortunately, a lot of jurisdictions position banning specific breeds is the way it to go and we know nationally that doesn't work. it just makes people hide their dogs or claim they're different breeds. >> the washington animal rescue lead has suspended adoption fees for these dogs this summer. it's also offering a six week training course for the animals at discounted 25% off.
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coming up on 9:15. and already we're pushing through the 80s. on our way up to 90 degrees. >> yes indeed, temperatures going to be near 90 degrees by lunchtime today. does that mean another afternoon in the triple digits? your forecast [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money foyour kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference.
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every cereal box counts.
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after being more than 100 days of being locked out, the nfl is back in business. the redskins first public practice is under way right now and the team looks a lot different from last year. derrick ward is out at redskins park right now with more on the training camp that's happening. hey, derrick. >> reporter: that's right. i did indeed lace up my cleats. i'm standing on a hill. this is the first day of public training camp which is open to the fans. actually had a day of practice yesterday. but take a look, there's been a steady stream of fans coming in since about 8:30 when the gates opened young and old.
9:19 am
this is a chance for fans still to get a chance to be on field level with the player, coaches and trainers. taking a look at what they do and how it's done right and how it's done wrong. this also gets at the character of a team. this is where you see who the true fans are. i've seen a five month old here. well shaded from the sun but here nonetheless. and it's also who you see. as we were coming in, joe theismann was pulling in and that's an experience fans look for. these are the ones that will stick by this team throughout the season. and it has been a 4 1/2 month period of not knowing whether this would actually happen. and the biggest story is who is not here. mainly albert haynesworth and donovan mcnabb. and we spoke to coach shanahan earlier. here's what he had to say. >> i never seen one confrontation with donovan with any coach in our building ever, anybody ever with raising their voice, anybody ever yelling at
9:20 am
each other. nothing. you hear all the rumors and i can't say anything about that. at the end of the day, we made a decision and not to resign donovan or keep his contract. and now we go on. i still think that donovan has a great future ahead of him if he decides to do the little things that he needs to do to get to the next level, then it will be this. >> reporter: so intrigue going into this camp. fans get a chance to take a look now at john beck and see what he has to offer. will is the first of 11 public training camps that will be held leading into the season. again admission is free. there are no bleachers, so you get the onfield experience. blanket, lawn chairs are the way to go. coolers are allowed with n nonalcoholic beverages. the arrange rivals are on the
9:21 am
things on the fans right now, but right now it's about the redskin experience. back to you. coming up on 21 after the hour now. and this is going to be if you're going out to redskins park or out anywhere else you can figure out how to stay cool. >> yeah, you need your water, you need your sun block, you need your big fluffy white hat. anything you can do to try to stay cool. >> fluffy white hat? >> a large hat and white whether reflect the heat and provide shade. >> i guess i didn't get the fluffy part. >> you people at home, help me out. you own a hat like that, i know do you. you're not fooling me. anyway, light weight colored clothing is what you should be wearing. drink a lot of extra water if you're spending anytime outside. it won't be quite as blistering hot as yesterday, but we won't be that far behind it. outside on your saturday
9:22 am
morning, your weekend under way. plenty of sunshine and very little in the way of rain chances around town for the weekend. welcome news for your outdoor plans. we're more than four inches behind in rainfall for the year at national airport. so we desperately need the rain. not to mention has it been hot outside the last couple of weeks. 86 already. dew points have touched 70 degrees once again. humidity 59%. there is a nice northwesterly breeze out there. it will continue through the remainder of the afternoon, so that will mock it down just a smidgeon, buttal it will be hot. already into the mid-80s at the 9:00 hour. heat index values won't be all that extreme, but probably 100 or 102 degrees. more than hot enough.
9:23 am
outside cloud cover just to the east of washington. that's about it for today. your forecast mere 90 before noontime. mid-90s this afternoon with a high for a high temperature. you can see the last little cluster of showers falling apart as they come in to the western parts of west virginia. one or two might live long enough to bubble up a stray shower mainly west of the blue ridge today. that will be about the moths of it. by and large for us it is fair weather clouds. that weather front that came lieu here late last night will hang out just down to our south, so any rain chances will be enhanced the further south you go from the washington area. but, again, from washington northbound, not much if anything in the way of rain chances for better or for worse. so here is your forecast then. sunny and hot. one or two isolated showers, but don't count on those to cool you down. highs today 92 to 97. then tomorrow mostly sunny, still toasty warm. highs tomorrow 90 to 95 degrees.
9:24 am
if you're headed out on to the bay, good day for it. temperatures up around 90 degrees both today and tomorrow. lowed a mid-90s. today will make day 13 in a row 90 or higher.all-time record is only 21 days. so that will be trul. and a new thing we're starting, i'm going to be running the marine corps marathon in october and if you want to do a training run with me and your group, send an e-mail, has to be a group of three or more raising money for a clarity in the marine corps marathon. if you want me to come out and do a training run with you, one of my days off, we'll do it. we'll have our pictures and stuff and help people raise money and train for the race. >> very cool. if we can get some crazy outfits in there, has to be greater incentive. >> not on me. >> if we can get people to wear a peacock or something.
9:25 am
>> or a fwlluffy white hat. >> sylvia says you meant floppy. now i understand. >> i'll try to clear up my words. >> always powder puff thing. let's move on. 9:25 is our time. rog roger chemicalens is asking a judge to throw out. prosecutors caused a miss trial on purpose because they wanted to regroup. the former all-star is charged with lying to congress in 2008 about his use of performance enhancing drugs. prosecutors have three weeks to respond to the accusations and the judge has set a hearing for september 2nd. the redskins take the feed for the first time this training camp and the nationals like to get back into the win column. here's your sports minute. good morning, everybody. your sports minute starts with the redskins and yesterday the first day, we're already talking about injuries.
9:26 am
ryan kerrigan hyperextended his knee. ron landry has been placed on the physically unable to perform list. he's still recovering from achilles tendon surgery. heat also an issue. five players needed post practice ivs. just over 60 guys were at practice yesterday and more than half were new faces. mike shanahan will not be able to fill out his full roster of 90 players until late next week when veteran free agents are allowed to start practicing. baseball time. the nationals trying to stop their five game slide last night against the mets. wong returned to the mound for the first time in two years. and it wasn't the start he was hoping for. wong gave up four earned in the first. they fall to the mets 8-5. to the wnba, mystics trying to snap their own losing streak.
9:27 am
three games against the indiana fever. with the game tied at 59, bobbit hits the runner in the lane at the buzzer and the fever beat the mystics 61-59. that's your sports minute. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend time is 9:27. more than just a federal problem. why a government default could hurt everything from your children's education to the roads take you to work. and more than a dozen metrobus drivers fired. what they did to lose their
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the final countdown. right now lawmakers hard at work trying desperately to reach some kind of deal to prevent what could be the largest economic crisis in this country's
9:31 am
history. good morning and welcome back to "news 4 today." it is saturday, july 30th. and as the clock ticks down to less than 100 hours from the debt ceiling being reached, there is still no agreement. democrats and republicans in both chambers of congress continue to push plans back and forth trying to figure this all out. steve handelsman has more now on the debt ceiling debate. >> reporter: two hours after the boehner bill passed the house, senate democrats killed it. >> the ayes are 59. >> this is almost an out of body experience. >> reporter: all eyes on top senate republican mitch mcconnell. democrats say only he can fast track debate and make a deal. >> we all know the senate is the only way out of this mess. >> reporter: house speaker boehner complained he'd had a bipartisan deal with president obama that included tax hikes. >> i stuck my neck out a mile. and i put revenues on the table in order to try to come to an
9:32 am
agreement to overt us being where we are now. but a lot of people in this town can never say yes. >> reporter: boehner veered to the right, including a balanced budget constitutional amendment to get the votes tonight of tea partiers. >> i like what i'm hearing and i appreciate the leadership moving that direction. >> reporter: most in the senate said no new amendment. >> this is the most outrageous suggestion i've heard. >> reporter: president obama insisted a weekend compromise is possible. >> this is not a situation where the two parties are miles apart. we're in rough agreement about how much spending can be cut responsibly. >> reporter: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. senate minority leader michigan mcconnell says he is ready to make a deal, but is only willing to deal directly with president obama rather than his senate counterpart, harry
9:33 am
reid. meanwhile a new gallup poll shows president obama's approval rating is at an all-time low. 40% of americans approve of his performance so far that is down 3% there just two days ago. 50% say they do not approve of his job performance. president obama has also seen less support against the generic republican challenger for 2012. he got 41% of the hypothetical vote where an unnamed republican polled at 40%. northern virginia leaders are joining forces to keep the federal debt problem from hurting communities. moody's investor services announced that if lawmakers can't prevent a federal default, it would lower credit ratings of local governments. that would make it harder for communities to borrow money for schools, roads and other projects. leaders from eight areas say their communities are financially sound and should not
9:34 am
be penalized for what happens on capitol hill. the extreme heat is the other big story. temperatures topped 100 degrees across our region. from water fountains to bottled water, people are trying to find ways to stay cool. but that can be easier said than done. will we see any kind relief today. chuck bell joins us with answers to that question. and i don't think i like the answer. >> it will be cooler than the record smashing 104 yesterday which tied for the third highest temperature ever recorded at national airport.all-time record 106. we haven't been that warm since 1930. we've been to 105 fairly recently, but still 104. out there on a saturday right now, mid level clouds hanging overhead, a hazy blue sky of summertime.
9:35 am
86 now downtown. 84 in false church. 86 fredericksburg and stafford. 80 in martinsburg and also in charles town. temperatures are high enough. heat indices aren't crazy high yet. the only sprinkles are way out to our west, so most of us will have a dry saturday and dry sunday. highs today well into the mid-90s. so definitely take your heat precautions light weight light colored clothe, drink a lot of water. avoid alcohol and caffeine. don't forget your sun block. you know the routine. if you're headed down to the beach for the weekend, that was probably the best idea you had in a long time. other than probably what's going to backup getting over the bay bridge, it will be a fine day to sit on the sand near the ocean. ocean water temperature only 75 degrees and our pattern of 90 degree days, the all-time
9:36 am
record, 21 days in a row set twice, 1980 and 1988. today is day 13 and i have at least even more in a row in the forecast. going to be close. >> all right, thank you, chuck. well, if you are willing to brave the heat, you have a new bike trail today. the first part of the inter-county connector bike path opens today in montgomery county. eventually the trail will be more than 14 miles lon 37 the state harp administration said the trail will allow bicyclists will allow you to ride from the shady grove station to the mark saying about gloop caught in the act. as many as 20 metrobus drivers are off the job this morning. the employees were caught on surveillance camera talking on cell phones and running red
9:37 am
lights while behind the wheel. chris gordon has more. >> if you're driving, you're supposed to drive. you don't need to be on the phone. >> reporter: metro has fired 20 drivers since the beginning of the year for talking on a cell phone while driving. her caught on cameras mounted on the buses. >> what we were seeing was operators would drive request their cell phone in one hand and driving with their hand on the wheel. we can actually hear them talking. >> reporter: metro adopted its hero tolerance policy two years ago when this picture taken by a raider showing the drive other a cell phone became public. when it comes to complaints about drivers speeding or running red lights, the union says metro shares some of the blame. >> when you have schedules that
9:38 am
are so tight, schedules are harsh, they require people to rip and run from one end of the line to the other. >> reporter: the union safety officer says supervisors have been caught in their cars using cell phones while driving, but they don't receive the same punishment. >> they're not as eager to discipline those employ crease. but when the incidents happen with the supervisors, they're more so taken out of service, put back to work, and we don't know what actually happens with those employees. >> i believe there are two or three clips that have indicated supervisors being involved and those are under investigation. corporate action will be taken in those cases, also. >> reporter: metro and its union agree on one important issue. that safety is the top priority. in northwest washington, i'm chris gordon, news 4. metro says it's recorded more than 1100 violations which have resulted in 222
9:39 am
suspensions. infractions have also included speeding and driving without seatbelts. well, consider yourself warned. red light cameras are about to start busting drivers on some of the busiest roads. where and how much
9:40 am
9:41 am
9:42 am
you run a red light, it will cost you some cash. red light cameras go into effect on monday. here to talk to us more about that is alexandria's deputy police chief. we appreciate you coming in this morning. this is something that more and more communities all over the country are doing, putting in these red light cameras and things of that sort. what's the goal? why use these red light cameras? >> our goal in alexandria is about education and prevention. we deploy the cameras because we want to educate not only the residents but people coming
9:43 am
through alex andrea that red lights and a violation of a red light is a serious thing. the second thing is actually prevention. we want to prevent red light violations and prevent crashes that happen at these intersections as a result of our red light violations. >> so we'll show people where exactly the lights are. patrick street and duke street. these are areas that are relatively busy, vehicular traffic and foot traffic. >> they're very busy. they're gateways in and out of the city. statistically these three intersections where we have our cameras are high and our most prone intersections for violation and crashes and we work in close collaboration with the extra have a department of tr
9:44 am
transportation before we can depli td employ the k deploy the cameras about. >> a study looked at 14 of the largest cities in the country and the results showed two-thirds of those said -- drivers actually said that they preferred or liked having the red light cameras. 78 percent of the people favored red light cameras. so we always hear people saying they're a bad thing. clearly by this study that's not the case. what do you make of that? >> my personal experience is that most people favor exactly like your statistics and your research have shown. but obviously there are those that hate these because the concept and perception is that they're strictly there for generating revenue. honestly, if we didn't make a single dime at these cameras and they went away, nothing would make us happier, but we know that even with all the publicity and signs that we have posted, we still get violations on a regular basis. so it's about safety and prevention. >> in alexandria, this will
9:45 am
result in a $50 ticket or fine if you're caught. but we should mention to people that these cameras are not just an electronic thing. there is a person who sort of monitors these cameras and makes sure that you're not getting a ticket for no reason. >> that's correct. our process the way it works is that that's an adjudication process. so through the third party vendor, they send us all violations, but a police officer actually reviews the violations, sends them to the registered owner. if the registered owner disagrees, they can can come into an adjudication process, and then they can still go to court. so there's several methods of appealing a decision. >> and on monday is when people will start seeing those cameras enforced. >> correct. >> all right. we appreciate you coming in this morning and educating us. >> thank you. it is now 9:45. 84 degre outside. chuck bell, what do you have? >> we have plenty of sunshine out there for your saturday. looks like it will be another
9:46 am
day toasty warm out there. a complete check of your weekend forecast is only two
9:47 am
9:48 am
9:49 am
one of my followers on twitter asked if i was wearing bermuda shorts again today. that was last week's thing. got the full pants on today. no concerns. but for anybody else who is going to be out and about today, even the short shorts would be appropriate today. >> perhaps. >> depends on who is wearing them, right? >> i don't want to know how short is too short. shorts in general recommended for today. white or khaki tan, something loose and loose fitting. you don't want anything sticking to you already than it's going to be suck to you thanks to the sweat factor. another day in the steam bath
9:50 am
this washington. won't be quite so bad as yesterday, but yesterday was off the charts. that's two fires in a row that were almost unusable. yesterday's high 104. peak index yesterday only about 107 or 108. compare that of course a week ago go bring when we were 102 with 121 degree heat index. that's two fridays in a row that we've completely lost. 86 degrees as of the 9:00 hour. d northwest wind at 9 miles per hour will gradually blow in slightly less humid air. so even though it's plenty warm, most neighborhoods now already in the mid-80s. heat indices only one or two degrees above the actual
9:51 am
temperature. so evthough i'm forecasting 96, our heat in-des should stay right at or below 100. 95 by 2:00. not much, look at these lonely showers out here in west virginia dying as they come further east. a little bubble of high pressure will protect us, so mostly sunny to today. this weather front is hanging out just down to our south and west, so the further south you go on i-95 or interstate 91, the better chance of an isolated shower. by 9:00 tomorrow morning, most of the rain chances still staying well down to our south. by and large just toasty warm. today sunny and shot. isolated. i mean isolated thunderstorm chances today. 92 to 97 degrees for afternoon highs. tomorrow another day in the cooker. sun's up at 6:08 tomorrow morning. highs tomorrow low and mid-90s once again.
9:52 am
going out on to the bay, enjoy. water temperatures in the mid-80s. actual air temperatures near 90 both today and tomorrow. here's our extended forecast now. 13 days in a row if we make it over 90 today. tomorrow makes 14. and the beat goes on all the way through the upcoming week. every day 90 or better. in fact i don't have a high temperature below 93 degrees for the next week. so be on on the lookout for that. follow the forecast online or follow me on twitter. >> sounds good. thank you. in a few years your cars and trucks will be more fuel efficient. yesterday president obama announced new fuel standards by 2025 alongside him, ceos from nine automakers. starting in 2015, automakers will have to make cars and trucks that get on average 37 miles per gallon. and by 2025, it will increase to 54. the white house says it this will bring relief for people at
9:53 am
the pump as well as cut down on pollution. if you use at&t, looking to slow down people who they refer to as wireless hogs. they'll start limiting speeds for the 5% of customers who use the most band width. customers are approaching topping the a% of users will receive a warning. officials say streaming video and playing online games are the culprits for the heavy usage. you may have seen more bar codes popping up. consumers scan them with a cell phone and get directly to a company's website. but these bar codes are not just in stores. you may even have seen us use them here on news 4 during certain stories. chris being a up has more on this new technology and how it works. >> reporter: they're called quick response or qr codes when scanned by a smart phone camera, it takes the consumer to a
9:54 am
specified site, usually the advertise ear he website. >> the qr allows the consumer to get information without having to go to your computer or everyone dial into your smart phone in a sense. >> reporter: japan was the first to develop and use qr codes back in the late 90s kate. since then the idea has spread across to the u.s. where they can be found on business cards, product packaging, even real estate agents are posting them on yard signs and flyers on property for sale. >> the code goes directly to my web site and i have it programmed so that photo he is of the house and information of the house is readily available. >> reporter: embedded in that conglomeration is actually a code for a website so that frequent mistakes by the human hand are avoided. >> the qr technology is for people like me who often when you're using the keyboard, i misspell or make a mistake about
9:55 am
half the i'm because my fingers are too big. so it allows you to get to the website. >> reporter: they're also effective for advertisers to track the how, when and where of interest in their clients. chris clackum, nbc news. it is 9:55. still to come this morning, a deadly attack on a bus in pakistan. but wait until you see the violence that followed. the latest on that is still ahead. and derrick. >> reporter: first day of open
9:56 am
9:57 am
9:58 am
welcome to "news 4 today." we begin with an update to an extreme heat case in greenbelt. we just got off the phone with a woman living at franklin park apartments. that complex has not had working air conditioning for more than 24 hours now. on top of that, she is seven monthses pregnant and asthmatic. >> we're the ones that have to deal with this. there are baby, young kids, myself that's expecting. there's elderly people. and animals, as well. we can't live in conditions like this. and it was like nobody's doing anything about it or cares.
9:59 am
it's unfortunate because it will almost take like me having to go to the hospital or even worse for them to realize that is this a serious condition. >> this swwoman is not alone. several people are trying to cope without the ac. the rental office closed for the weekend, but did post a sign saying pepco had to order parts to repair the broken air conditioner. let's bring in chuck bell to look at the weather for the rest of us. this is not the sort of weekend people want to take chair chath chances if you can help it. >> it if you have friends or family that don't have access to air conditioning, invite them over. keep an eye on the elderly, invite them in to a cold drink and a break from the heat outside. it's been unbearable out there and heat believe it or not, heat is the number one weather related killer every year.
10:00 am
so don't take it lightly at all. temperatures are climbing quickly outside and a hazy blue sky. 89 degrees at national airport. almost 90 before 10:00 a.m. hagarstown 79. martinsburg # 4. heat index values only a couple ticks above the actual testimony. nary a shower to be found within a 200 mile drive of washington. one or two lonesome sprinkles in central west virginia. that's it. temperatures 91 by 11:00. 96 this afternoon for a high temperature and still at least 90 to 91 degrees as of the 6:00 hour. if usual headed down to the beach, good we've going weather today and tomorrow and most of the upcoming week is looking very nice, as well. that's probably one of the best ways to beat the heat, get on down to the ocean. because the bay water temperature is 84.
10:01 am
so 48 is a little ba that's a little balmy for me. your sometime 10:00. here's a look at your top stories. as congress debates the upcoming debt ceiling limit, a vote has been scheduled for 1:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. harry lead has unveiled his proposal after immediately shooting down a version proposed last night by house speaker john boehner. federal agents are investigating possible enrollment of foreign students at the university of northern virginia. u.s. customs and immigration enforce the raided officers at the campus. s classes are still in session during the investigation. metro says it fired at least 20 of its bus drivers for various violations. the transit agency says surveillance cameras caught a up 1/2 employees running red lights and talking on cell phones before the wheel. similar cases are under investigation. a developing story now out of pakistan. at least 11 people are dead after a gunman opened fire on them in what appears to be a sectarian attack. this happened in the western
10:02 am
part of pakistan. most of the victims were shiite muslims in a van when the gunman fired at them. today's attack comes a day after two separate bomb attacks killed eight and wounded another 25. and hundreds of protesters gathered outside the hospital where the shooting victims were burning tires ansd other objects. the demonstratorses blocked roads and tried to set a hotel on fire before police fired tear gas into the crowd. the shiite population is roughly 15% and there have been numerous clashes between them and sunnis for the last three decades. back here at home, it's finally time for football after more than 100 days of being locked out, the redskins are hitting the pete in preparation f their expedition hope. the first public practice is under way right now. so derrick ward is live with more on what's happening already thorn. >> reporter: 4 1/2 months of a lockout and the gates are wide
10:03 am
open now. they have been opened since 8:30 this morning and redskin fans are here. they're in for a true redskin experience. when you approach here, you kind of run through a redskin bizarre. lots of activities, places for folks to take pictures and purchase redskin team paraphernalia. but of course you get to look at the team and it's kind of breath taking when you see the goal posts a and players out there on the field. some we're familiar with, some we are not. but again, the up close on field experience that folks come here for. you get a coach's eye view of the team and a glimpse in to the future. >> for me it was to bring me daughter out here, she's five years old and she's been telling me i want to go to a redskins game. so i said let me get her out here and see a practice.
10:04 am
>> is this inherited fan royalty? >> absolutely. definite will andly a redskin f. >> reporter: this is the first of 11 practices that will be open to the public. no bleacher, but lawn chairs and blankets are encouraged. coolers are allowed with nonalcoholic beverages. and it's free. and afterwards is an opportunity to get some autographs from some of the players and cheerleaders. now back to you. >> the sgl g got to love the father. yes, she's being brainwashed. derrick, thank you. in our other headlines, the resignation of leslie johnson takes effect tomorrow. she stepped down after she along with her husband pleaded guilty in a federal bribery and extortion case. the council will hold a special election within 09 da90 days to her seat.
10:05 am
four after the 10:00 hour. new details. why investigators say the tragedy could have been avoidable. and who says prince harry has to play second fiddle to his brother in the prince's new role ♪
10:06 am
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air france is defending its pilots involved in plane crash that killed 228. authorities investigating the crash said human error was part tloi blame. the flight went down in the atlantic in 2009. investigators said the pilots ignored repeated warnings and did not have adequate training to handle air speed data lost at a high altitude. they said they were handled r handling a complex situation and too many systems were malfunctioning before the crash.
10:09 am
amanda knox's defense team will cross-examine forensics experts today in italy. monday experts attacked evidence used to convict knox for the murder of her british roommate. two court appointed experts said a knife thought to be the murder weapon had no trace of blood and splay been contaminated with other dna traces. you've heard of super man and batman. how about the royals? prince harry has been immortalized as a comic book hero. blue water productions created the book. they say it's biographical and will show people the prince's upbringing. it will also discuss miss henks for partying a little too hard. prince william got his comic book treatment earlier this year. that's pretty cool. i'm sure his space all over other things already, but now the kids can take part. >> and adults, too. a lot of com ii iic collecting.
10:10 am
another check of the weekend forecast coming up. earlier this week, i took a little run with some friends of ours from the british embassy. we'll
10:11 am
10:12 am
10:13 am
look at that, out there early running on a wednesday morning. there's me right there in the middle of the group in that was -- >> oh, check you out. guns blazes. >> exactly that's me all right. that's my running outfit. pale and skinny. so wednesday morning, the canadian and british embassies had a joint run. the last olympics were in vancouver and the next are in london, so they did a little torch run between the british -- they start at the canadian
10:14 am
embassy and up to the british. >> we're standing with the british ambassador. and are you -- how excited is england about getting the olympics? >> it's the number one item on our news today because we're opening one of the olympic centers. and every knows it's 365 days and a few hours to go. so the tension is building. the honelondoners have seen the sites going up, it's over 80% ready, so we're make good progress and i think the sense of excitement is real. >> do you start hearing the chariots of fire in the background? >> i think it's a bit improbable for me personally, but certainly for the uk. but i think this isn't a shoaf miss tick occasion. this is about the olympic
10:15 am
experience, it's about comprehend ti competition and friendship. >> are you doing any torch run segments? >> i was hoping that it would be done by the experts rather than by me personally. but you never know. we live next to greenwich park, so that's probably where we'll be spending a lot of our time. >> congratulations on the games. it looks great. >> this looks very good. this is a salt lake city torch, i think. >> so you'll have this on your desk for the next year about. >> i don't know personally on my desk, but certainly the embassy will be using it in a local range of events. >> so my thanks to the british ambassador for indulging me. they're totally excited. london is a buzz. >> you'll see most of them or a lot of them on the networks of nbc right here. and talking about running, today getting out to run -- >> you need to be done by now.
10:16 am
if you're just getting toward leave, take the day off. it's already really hot outside. unless you were raised in tucson, it's probably hotter than you'd care to run in for today. too hot for me already for sure. outside right now under a partly cloudy sky, temperatures are really jumping up fast. we're already 89 degrees at national airport. so it is humid, but it's not oppressively humid. temperature 89. wind out of the north at 13. we will have a nice north to northwesterly breeze for much of the afternoon. so it won't feel as oppressive as last week, but still plenty warm. temperatures claim manage to the mid and upper 80s. heat index values only one on two sticks warmer than that. so highs today mid-90s. tons of sunshine out there, but it will be a hot one for sure. these showers way out to our west are falling apart as they come into the stable air mass. so high pressure in charge for
10:17 am
today and for tomorrow at least. a little weather boundary that came through here that's why the reason we have a north wind. but that boundary will focus any chances for rain showers well down to our south. so our rain chances are almost none. very slim at best. sunny and hot. an isolated thunderstorm at the most. highs today up near 96. 95 coming up for tomorrow and after that it will just say very warm around here. here's our extended forecast. 96 today you can 95 tomorrow, 96 monday. might have a chance for thunderstorms late monday afternoon, probably best chance monday night. tuesday just a whiff cooler and another sparse rain chance for wednesday and thursday. if you want me to run with your training group for the marine corps marathon, send me an groups of three or more raising money for charity. there's something fishy about this creation.
10:18 am
it's rather unexpected use when we return. and how much money did you make at a lemonade stand wh
10:19 am
10:20 am
10:21 am
as the government inches closer to default, here is news that adds insult to injury. apple computers now has more money than the u.s. treasury. the treasury has about $70 billion in it cash balance compared to apple's $76 billion. the computer company is the second largest company in the world, but still spends far less than the u.s. government which will spend close to $3.8 trillion this year. and iphone users now have a delicious looking case for their be loved smart phones. a japanese company has started making food cases for iphones. last year it made more than 6,000 fake food cases, including
10:22 am
eggs and bacon, even chocolate cake. they will set you back about $25 to $50 and the company is working on its newest design, shaved ice. and this is actually a big deal. i gotn e-mail that says in japan food art is a big thing. so not as unusual as i thought it might be. scary moments for the redskins first round draft pick in his first official practice for training camp. here's dan hellie with your morning sports. good morning, folks. day one of training camp yesterday and here's what we know. if john beck is going to be the starting quarterback, he's going to have to win the job. the quarterback competition is open and the best man will win. shanahan confirmed the team is trying to resign rex grossman. ryan kerrigan hyperextended his knee and will be out for at least a couple days. ron landry has been placed on
10:23 am
the physically unable to perform list. he's recovering from achilles tendon surgery. heat was also an issue yesterday. five players needed post practice ivs. just over 60 guys on the practice field. more than half of them were new faces. mike shanahan won't fill out his full roster until late next week when veteran free agents are allowed to start practicing. players well aware of the revolving door. >> it will take a couple days, be like, man, this locker next to me is empty, that locker down there is empty, where is this guy at. but it's a part the business. every year things change. all you can do is say bye and move on. >> that's the life of the nfl, you have to get used to it. even her wife, some of her girlfriends are no longer here, but that's the nfl life.
10:24 am
you keep those bonds whether or not they're here. >> two players dominated the headlines. that's albert haynesworth. mike shanahan said even if he wasn't traded, he would have been released. he also talked about donovan mcnabb. >> i never seen one confrontation with donovan with any coach in our building ever. anybody ever raising a voice, anybody ever yelling at each other. nothing like that. so you hear all these rumors, all these speculations. i can't say anything about that. all i'm saying is at the end of the day, we made a decision not to resign donovan or keep his contract. and now we go on. i still think that donovan has a great future ahead of him. if he decides to do the little things that he needs to do, then it will be there. >> just a little poke there at the end. the little things that donovan needs to do to get to the next level. interesting. nnamdi asomugha sweepstakes are
10:25 am
over. he's signed a five year $60 million year with the eagles. philadelphia has three pro ball cornerbacks on the roster and they signed vince young to back up michael vick. down at nationals park, wong made his first start in two years. but he was a little rusty as the nationals dropped their sixth in a row. nationals hosting the mets. we pick it up top of the first. wong gets himself into a jam. down 1-0. justin turner comes in to score. wong gave up four earned runs in the inning. top of the fourth, into shallow center. jayson werth misses it on the charge, but ankiel is there to gun down the runner. he's a former pitcher.
10:26 am
meanwhile nationals struggle with runners on base all night long. bottom of the eighth, bases loaded for ryan zimmerman. check the swing. can't do it. not happy about the strikeout. nationals strand ten on base last night and drop their sixth in a row. 8-5 is the final. the nationals have now lost six straight. that's your morning sports. i'm dan hellie. everybody have a great weekend. kids who made more than $10,000 from a lemonade stand are giving it all to other children. kids in wichita set up a stand for kids in joplin. back in may a tornado ripped through the town leaving a lot of people with hardly anything. one couple paid the young entrepreneurs with a $10,000 check. the money from their lemonade stand will go toward school supplies for children in joplin. >> very nice. >> really valuable life lessons learned for everybody there. money well spent on a glass of
10:27 am
lemonade. >>s it is coming up on 10:27 and that is to for "news 4 today." we appreciate you intending time with us. nonstop scene d.c. is coming up next. we hope you have
10:28 am
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